HDE Global Internship Program

Software Engineering Internship opportunities for Computer Science students.

Job description

HDE, Inc. is a leading cloud-based security provider in Japan. We deliver an additional security layer to companies which are willing to move their systems on to the cloud. Our service HDE One owns over 74% of marketshare in Microsoft Office 365/Google Apps targeted security service area in Japan.

HDE One is a cloud service designed to: prevent unauthorized access to cloud services (Access Control); reduce the risk of information leakage due to devices theft or loss (Device Security); prevent email data breaches (Messaging Security). These solutions are provided for users of cloud services like Microsoft Office365, Google Apps, Salesforce.

In HDE Global Internship Program, we offer internship position providing opportunities for student to experience practical application development skill using mostly Python/Golang/Erlang. Also, this internship position will provide opportunities to develop application by using Amazon Web Services/Google App Engine. Conversations in the office will be done in English, so that Japanese communication skill is NOT required. The internship will be within the Cloud Product Development division of HDE, Inc. located in Tokyo, Japan.

Internship duration

6 or 8 weeks (from 10AM until 7PM from Monday to Friday)

Internship durations for 2016/2017

  • 2016
    • Oct. 31st Mon. - Dec. 16th Fri. (7weeks)
  • 2017
    • Jan. 12th Thu. - Feb. 24th Fri. (6weeks)
    • Feb. 27th Mon. - Apr. 21st Fri. (8weeks)
    • May 11th Thu. - Jun. 23rd Fri. (6weeks)
    • Jun. 26th Mon. - Aug. 10th Thu. (7weeks)
    • Sep. 4th Mon. - Oct. 27th Fri. (8weeks)
    • Oct. 30th Mon. - Dec. 15th Fri. (7weeks)


Minimum qualifications

Preferred qualifications


Selection process

  1. An applicant needs to solve HDE Admission Challenge to show an applicant's coding ability.
  2. After the challenge has been solved, the applicant will submit application form with applicant's CV.
  3. An applicant will hold an online interview with our engineers.

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